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Coffee And Customer Service: Minds Blown

This week has been a whirlwind.  We got to meet Shep Hyken, we were named to a Top 100 Customer Success Influencer list by Mindtouch, and we got to work with some awesome customers.  In our latest hangout, we discuss some of these events along with smiles, opportunities for awesome and our awesome tweets.  Watch us, listen to us and retweet us–and don’t forget to have an awesome weekend.

Awesome Tweets

Coffee And Customer Service: Valuable Or Not So Valuable

In today’s hangout slash podcast, we discussed the difference between valuable and not so valuable customer service.  Hint: It’s big and your customers can tell.  Check it out or listen to our podcast below.  And don’t forget about our awesome tweets!

Coffee And Customer Service: The Main Thing

In this Coffee and Customer Service Hangout, we introduced a new format to help us focus a bit more on the main thing.  Jenny shared about the importance of taking your lunch breaks and encouraging your customer service team to take theirs away from their desk as well.  Check out her awesome share for the hangout:

Jeremy talked about the importance of figuring out what our main things are and keeping our eyes focused on those things.  Here’s his awesome share for the week:

Don’t miss this week’s hangout and please let us know what you think about the new format!

If it’s easier for you to listen to our hangout as a Podcast, you can subscribe to our feed in iTunes to download this episode.

Coffee And Customer Service: Employee Onboarding

Did you miss our hangout with Mitch Causey from today?  No problem!  Join us as we discuss call center agent training and how to make the onboarding and training process more efficient.

Coffee And Customer Service: Nice Guys Finish First

niceguysToday’s Coffee and Customer Service hangout featured an extra special treat for our viewers.  We had the privilege of hanging out with our friend, new author, and customer service expert Doug Sandler.  In the hangout, Doug told us all about his brand new book, Nice Guys Finish First.

Don’t miss out on a sneak peak of some fantastic stories from the book, sure to improve the level of customer service you deliver to your customers.  Doug also provides valuable advice to anyone interested in writing and publishing their own book.

To learn more about Doug and read his blog, check out

Cauliflower And Customer Service

Fresh White Beechs_lg

Jeremy’s beech mushrooms.


Jenny’s Romanescu Cauliflower

Did you miss our extra lively hangout today?  Have no fear.  You can watch it now!  In this latest installment we talked about some of the craziest vegetables we’ve eaten.  We then talked about our two favorite blog posts over the last two weeks.

Don’t miss this hangout.  Also, we have special guest Doug Sandler joining us next week to talk about his new book, Nice Guys Finish First.  Stay tuned for more details.

Coffee And Customer Service: Catching Up

After a long hiatus, we joined forces for another Coffee and Customer Service Hangout.  In this latest iteration we discuss a number of issues regarding the contact center from hiring, to on-boarding, to employee morale.  Don’t miss out on another terrific hangout!

Coffee And Customer Service: 2015 Resolutions

Happy New Year! Don’t miss our first Coffee and Customer Service hangout of the year. It was a good one. In the hangout, we established that were aren’t huge new year’s resolution people but we both agree that if we never have goals, we’ll never achieve them. That being said, hear some of our personal and customer service goals for 2015.

What are your customer service resolutions for this year? We would love to hear them and support you in achieving them. Here’s to a year filled with AWESOMENESS!

P.S. This has to be our best screenshot for a Google+ hangout ever!

Coffee And Customer Service: The Joys Of Hiring

That’s right, we’re hiring customer service representatives at  In this hangout, we discuss tips for both the applicant and the folks doing the hiring.  If you are involved in hiring decisions in your contact center, don’t miss it!

Coffee And Customer Service: Two Things

In today’s short Coffee and Customer Service hangout, we each discussed two customer service insights gained this week.  Don’t miss it!